Opening Date for receipt of your recording is Monday March 7, 2022.
Closing Date for receipt of your recording is Monday March 28, 2022.


  • Make sure the performance space is well lit from the front.

  • You must save your video file using the following format: Last Name_ FirstName_ ClassNumber

    • Be aware of your surroundings.  If you are recording with a backing track rather than a live accompanist, try to select a room that has well-balanced acoustics.  You want to refrain from spaces that may be too resonant or echoey, where the clarity of your diction/articulation may get lost or may become unclear.

    • Try to eliminate as much background noise as possible.  Air conditioners, furnaces, dishwashers, ringing telephones etc. will interfere with your recording or interrupt your performance.

    • Make sure the performance space is well lit from the front.

    • If possible, use a tripod or stand for your recording device on a table or against a stand to help stabilize the image being recorded.  A hand-held device may not be steady enough to provide a clear video.

    • Test the view of the camera.  Ensure that your whole body is in the frame.  Keep the camera close enough that the adjudicator can see your facial expressions and hands while playing your instrument.

    • If you are using a recorded “backing track” rather than a live pianist for accompaniment, make sure that the sound level of the track is balanced to the level of your voice or instrument.

    • Appropriate social distancing must be demonstrated in the recording if you are using a live accompaniment.

    • Do a “test run” through several phrases and then listen to your performance to ensure that you are in the video frame and that the sound is not being distorted in any way.

    • Perform your pieces straight through without stopping.  No mixing, voice amplification, sound enhancement, audio dubbing or splicing of multiple “takes” together is permitted.

    • Before starting to record your performance, you will have to prepare a Title Page for your recording.  On a piece of paper, print your full name, the class number and name of the class you are entering, the name and composer of your first piece, the name and composer of your second piece,  Put this paper on a flat surface and place your original score of both pieces next to the paper  The photo of these documents will be your Title Page.  Photocopies of the scores are not permitted in this video.

    • Your video performance experience is to approximate a live performance.  Therefore, proceed as follows:

      • Start your recording with your Title Page.   
      • Without stopping the recording, play your entire first piece.
      • You may stop the recording and add your second piece at a later time - OR - you may have a short pause in playing and then play your entire second piece.
      • When you have finished playing your second piece stop the recording.
      • Create your video recording for submission.  Only one video is uploaded per entry.  If you have entered more that one Class, you will be submitting a separate video for each Class entered.  Your video performance experience is to approximate a live performance. 
      • If the piece you are playing was written with an accompaniment, but you are not entering with an accompaniment and there are more than four (4) measures of rests in the accompaniment, use a short pause and continue playing your piece.
    • You must save your video file using the following format: LastName_ FirstName_ ClassNumber



    • Your entry will be reviewed by an administrator of the Kiwanis Music Festival.  If there are omitted items, the entrant will be notified and given an opportunity to correct the problem if there is time before the videos will be sent to the Adjudicator.

    • All entries in a specific Class will be sent as a group to the Adjudicator.

    • The Adjudicator will prepare a written report which will be sent back to the Festival Administrator by email. 

    • The Festival Administrator will forward the Adjudicator’s comments to the entrant by email.   


    You will need a personal Google Account to submit your entry. Some employer and school Google Accounts do not permit sharing information outside the workplace or Board of Education.  If you do not have a personal Google Account, create one by going to “Google Account Sign In” page and follow the Google instructions.  Log into your Google Account.

    For 2022 you will be submitting your video using the YouTube format. Instructions to follow.

    This is the video with the instructions to the entrants as
    to how to submit their video performance:
    YouTube video