Trophy Winners 2018

Awards, Gold Prizes and Trophies are based on the Adjudicators' recommendations.

Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London
Rose Bowl & $1000 Award

Best Solo Performance

Joshua Lee, violin

Kiwanis Music Festival of  London
& $1,000 Award

Piano Competition

Jasmine Ryu Won Kang

Eva Bettger & Marion Wilson Trophies

Piano Duet, Duo or Trio

Dimitri and Nellie Kroughly

St. John Duo Trophy

String Duo

Tessa Duncan, Anna Klimchuk, violins

Jennifer Orchard Ensemble Trophies

 Chamber Group
3 to 6 players

Quartet la Gauche

Kierin Wagter-Barnum, violin

Maria Lazar, violin

Cynthia Cepeda, viola

Gavin Wagter-Barnum, cello

Leonard Morley Rose Bowl

String Ensemble

Forest City School for Talent Education

Lac-Hong Phi

Belle Air Music Trophy

Guitar Ensemble (Senior)

Saunders SS, Mitch Tyler

Bob Hughes Percussion Trophy

Percussion Ensemble

Mother Teresa C.S.S., Bryan Malito

Ted Alford Memorial Trophy

Recorder Ensemble

Rick Hansen P.S., David Lee

Royal Canadian College of Organists

Church Choir/Pipe Organ

Renee Nikkel

Earle Terry Choral Memorial Trophy

Best Choir in Festival

Sir Frederick Banting S.S.,           Kristin Darsaut

Earle Terry Singers Alumnae Plaque

Female S.S. Choir SSA

Medway H. S., Kathy McNaughton

Ken Fleet Trophy  + $100

Most musical S.S. Choir

H.B. Beal S.S., David Weaver

Carol & Brian Strachan Trophy

Most musical Elem. Choir

Matthews Hall, Georgina Galba

Michael H. Farrow
Memorial Cup & $200 Award

Primary Choirs Grades 1-3
Music Participation Award

Centennial Central P.S.,               Graham Adams

Cathy Clark Trophy

Elementary School
Junior Choir Grades 4-6

Jack Chambers P. S.,                     Wendy Inch and Wendy Masciotra

Kiwanis Rose Bowl Trophy

Triple Trio

Catholic Central H.S., Don Sills

Le trophée de l’association français 

French Choir

No entry

Bill & Eva Bettger Trophy
& $100 Award

Primary, Junior or Youth
Church Choir

Metropolitan United Church,

Gregg Redner

Cathy Clark Trophy

Most Musical  Elementary
School String Orchestra

Lambeth Public School,                 Joanne Richardson

Bruce Richardson Trophy

Solo with Orchestral Accompaniment

London Central S.S., Imraan Haq

Stephen Wolsley Trophy

Chamber Orchestra

London Central S.S., Imraan Haq

Kiwanis Club of North London $500

Body of Work by S.S. Orchestra

London Central S.S., Imraan Haq

Kiwanis Club of North London $500

Body of Work by S.S.Band

Oakridge S.S., Deb Wales

Kiwanis Club of North London $500

Body of Work by S.S.Choir

Catholic Central H.S., Don Sills

Aussie Carter Jazzman Trophy

Solo in Stage Band

Adam Lamoureux, Tenor Saxophone

London Jazz Society Plaque

Jazz Combo

Oakridge S.S., Deb Wales

Gary Kerhoulas Jazz Plaque

Grade 9-10 Jazz Ensemble or Stage Band

Sir Frederick Banting S.S.,

Jennifer Emke

Wesanne McKellar Memorial Trophy

Best single performance by  a Secondary School large instrumental group

No trophy

Retired Women Teachers

Speech Arts, Junior

Hailey Polfuss

Retired Women Teachers

Speech Arts, Intermediate

Angelina FosterdelMundo

Retired Women Teachers

Speech Arts, Senior

Claire Jones-Fright

Harriet Kelly Plaque & Award

Secondary School
Music Participation

London Central Secondary School

W.C. Telfer Memorial Trophy
& Award from the Festival

Elementary School
Music Participation

Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts