Trophy Winners 2017

Awards, Gold Prizes and Trophies are based on the Adjudicators' recommendations.

Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London
Rose Bowl & $1000 Award

Best Solo Performance

Marcel Sokalski, Tenor

Kiwanis Music Festival of London& $1,000 Award

Piano Competition

Lili Ahopelto  

Eva Bettger& Marion Wilson Trophies

Piano Duet, Duo or Trio

Levi & Reuben Redekop

St. John Duo Trophy

String Duo

Amy Kwon & Hannah Yaremko, violins

Jennifer Orchard Ensemble Trophy

Senior Chamber 3 to 6 players

Lydia Quick, violin, Thomas Samson-Williams, violin
Emma Quick, viola, Rebecca Lownie, cello

Leonard Morley Rose Bowl

String Ensemble

Forest City School for Talent Education- Irene Tandberg

Belle Air Music Trophy

Guitar Ensemble (Senior)

Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS -Robert Kubica

Bob Hughes Percussion Trophy

Percussion Ensemble

Sir Frederick Banting S.S-Nigel Evans

Ted Alford Memorial Trophy

Recorder Ensemble

Byron Somerset P.S-Joseph Lee

Royal Canadian College of Organists

Church Choir/ Pipe Organ

Wesley Knox U.C. Youth Choir -Karen Anne Schuessler

Earle Terry Choral Memorial Trophy

Best Choir in Festival

H. B. Beal S.S.-David Weaver

Earle Terry Singers Alumnae Plaque & $100 Award

Female S.S. Choir SSA

Medway H.S.-Kathy McNaughton

Ken Fleet Trophy & $100 Award

Most musical S.S. Choir

Sir Frederick Banting S.S.-Kristin Darsaut

Carol & Brian Strachan Trophy

Most musical Elem. Choir

Matthews Hall-Georgina Galba

Michael H. Farrow Memorial Cup & $200 Award

Primary Choirs Grades 1-3 Music Participation

Byron Somerset P.S-Joseph Lee

Cathy Clark Trophy

Elementary School Junior Choir Grades 4-6

Wilfrid Jury P.S-Rosemary Bannetman

Kiwanis Rose Bowl Trophy

Triple Trio

Catholic Central H.S-Cathy Lourenco

Le trophée de l’association français

French Choir

Not entered

Bill & Eva Bettger Trophy& $100 Award

Primary, Junior .Youth Church Choir

Wesley Knox U.C. Youth Choir -Karen Anne Schuessler

Denys M. Perkin Memorial

Female Solo - Untrained Voice

Hannah MacArthur

Denys M. Perkin Memorial

Male Solo - Untrained Voice

Connor Hunter

Cathy Clark Trophy

Most Musical Elementary School String Orchestra

Princess Anne P.S-Leigh Walter

Bruce Richardson Trophy

Solo with Orchestral Accompaniment

London Central S.S-Imraan Haq

Stephen Wolsley Trophy

Chamber Orchestra

London Central S.S.-Imraan Haq

Kiwanis Club of North London $500

Body of Work by S.S. Orchestra

London Central S.S- Imraan Haq

Kiwanis Club of North London $500

Body of Work by S.S.Band

London Central S.S -R.J. Weiczor conductor

Kiwanis Club of North London $500

Body of Work by S.S.Choir

Catholic Central H.S.-Don Sills

Aussie Carter Jazzman Trophy

Solo in Stage Band

Patrick Smithers, trumpet, London Central S.S.

London Jazz Society Plaque

No entry

Gary Kerhoulas Jazz Award

Grade 9-10 Jazz Ensemble or Stage Band

Sir Frederick Banting S.S. -Jennifer Emke

Wesanne McKellar Memorial Trophy

Best single performance by a S.S.large instrumental group

London Central S.S- J. Wieczor

Retired Women Teachers London-Middlesex Trophy

Speech Arts, Junior

Piper Jesney

Retired Women Teachers London-Middlesex Trophy

Speech Arts, Intermediate

Angelina Foster delMundo  

Retired Women Teachers London-Middlesex Trophy

Speech Arts, Senior

Claire Jones-Fright 

Harriet Kelly Plaque & Award

Secondary School Music Participation

London Central Secondary School

W.C. Telfer Memorial Trophy& Award from the Festival

Elementary School Music Participation

L.B. Pearson School for the Arts


Best Recorder Ensemble in the Festival
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Alford were accomplished musicians. Ted, a chemical engineer, had a fine tenor voice; Eila taught piano, and both played recorders. They became founding members, of the London Recorder Society. in May 1963. The Recorder Society donated a trophy to the Kiwanis Music Festival in his memory in a category of twelve players or less. The Recorder Society established a Kiwanis Music Festival Scholarship in Mrs. Alford's name, to be divided between piano and recorder.

Best Guitar Ensemble in the Festival
From our first building (opened in 1969) on the corner of Wellington Road and Horton Street in London, Ontario, we moved to our location at 364 Richmond Street in 1978. The London Guitar Shop remained in the Wellington Road building for a while only to be reunited at the Richmond Street building in 1979. In 1986 Belle Air Music expanded into Windsor by opening Belle Air Music West. Shortly after, Belle Air Music began to sprout up in the malls of London by placing locations in White Oaks Mall and Masonville Place (now moved to a bigger, brighter location in Masonville Plaza ) within a brief time Belle Air Music has provided London and the surrounding areas with Sheet Music, Brass and Woodwind instruments, Guitars, Percussion, Pro Audio and String instruments. Catering to all facets of the music arena, Belle Air Music has made a point of accommodating the beginner to the professional, the student to the teacher and the school board.

Best Primary, Junior or Youth Church Choir in the Festival
Bill and Eva Bettger taught vocal and instrumental music for the London Board of Education for over 30 years.
Besides performing with hundreds of students in their school settings, they were also the Music Directors of Colborne Street United Church.
Throughout their 30 years as Directors of Music, Bill and Eva helped many young people to develop both aesthetically and socially in the arts, by creating an innovative and exciting church music program.
Now, officially “retired”, they continue to advise and work with other church musicians to bring meaningful programs to young people. Because of their love of children and youth, they hope that young choristers, singing in a church environment will learn to explore the wonderful choral repertoire available to them.

Best Solo in Stage Band, Jazz Band or Dixieland Band in the Festival
"Aussie" was a multi-instrumentalist, who played trumpet, valve trombone, piano and guitar. He also wrote tunes and would change the lyrics of popular tunes to fit present day audiences. He wrote a Metric lyric to "Five Foot Two' for the John Anderson Band which was recorded. In his younger days, Aussie worked all over South Western Ontario with his parent's circus. He worked as "house" pianist in Stratford , at the Queens . His final work was with the Forest City Jazz Band. His good humour, liveliness, and willingness to help other musicians, and his rapport with the audiences has been missed.

Best Junior Choir in the Festival - Grades 4-6
Cathy Clark is known as a leader in music education for the city of London . Cathy is a graduate of the Faculty of Music at Western. She is a long time teacher of both strings and vocal music in the public education system and an accomplished teacher of the Suzuki string method. She also has been associated with the Kincardine Summer Music Festival for several years. Cathy's choir and string orchestra students, most recently at Westmount Public School have had numerous successes participating in the Kiwanis Music Festival of London.
(New in Festival 2007, donated by Westmount P.S.)

Most Musical Performance by an Elementary School String Orchestra
Cathy Clark is known as a leader in music education for the city of London . Cathy is a graduate of the Faculty of Music at Western. She is a long time teacher of both strings and vocal music in the public education system and an accomplished teacher of the Suzuki string method. She also has been associated with the Kincardine Summer Music Festival for several years. Cathy's choir and string orchestra students, most recently at Westmount Public School have had numerous successes participating in the Kiwanis Music Festival of London.
( New in Festival 2007, donated by Westmount P.S.)

Primary Choirs Grades 1-3 Music Participation Award

Best Percussion Ensemble
Bob Hughes
is one of the most well known percussionists in our country. As a professor emeritus of percussion at U.W.O. he has experience in all forms of music and is recognized as an authority on African drumming. Bob has performed with many of Canada’s great orchestral and jazz  musicians while mentoring enumerable percussionist and music educators.

Secondary and High School Music Department Participation Award
In 1985, a gentleman by the name of Lionel Hill Shipley left a generous donation of $10,000 to the Kiwanis Club of London (now Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London) in memory of his friend Harriet Kelly. The interest from this investment is given annually to the Secondary Schools amassing the greatest number of points in the Kiwanis Music Festival of London. A plaque is awarded to the School Department with the greatest participation and $500. Cash Awards of $300 and $200 are made to the next two Music Departments with the greatest participation.The award was first presented in 1987.

Best Solo Performance in the Festival

Best Body of Work by a Secondary School Band

Best Body of Work by a Secondary School Choir

Best Body of Work by a Secondary School Orchestra

Best Pianist in the Festival

Best Triple Trio in the

Best French choir

Instrumental Ensemble Achieving Highest Mark in the Festival
Truly a remarkable person, Wesanne McKellar arrived in London in 1956, and by the following year had established the first High School Symphony Orchestra in this City. After a tenure at South Secondary School (where she conducted an outstanding choir), she journeyed to the University of Western Ontario , and organized and established the strings program within Music Education. After being named Coordinator of the Arts at UWO in 1974, Wesanne went on to be Director of the University Community Center , and finally (prior to her untimely passing) General Manager of Orchestra London. In her career, Ms. McKellar was the Music Director of over 25 productions at the University and at the Grand Theatre.

Best String Ensemble in the Festival One of London 's fine versatile musicians in the l940's and 50's, Leonard Morley was a pioneer in school music education. While organizing and operating a private studio in piano, theory and strings, Mr. Morley became one of the first school musicians, instructing both privately and in small groups during school time. As well, Leonard Morley was a conductor of choirs, and for many years led an outstanding choral program at Grace United Church .

Best String Quartet or Piano Trio (Piano, Violin & Cello) in the festival
Jennifer started taking violin lessons at the age of 5 with Richard Lawrence, using the Suzuki method. She first played in the London Kiwanis Festival at the age of 8, performing Meditation from Thais in a class for students 18 and under. She won the class. From then on she played many times in the Festival and eventually won the Rose Bowl as “Finest Performer in the Festival” in 1984 at the age of 16. She studied with Richard Lawrence for 9 years and then with Yuri Mazurkevitch and Edward Minevitch. She also played in the Canadian Music Competitions starting in 1979 and for 4 years in succession won the top prize in her age group for all of Canada . At the age of 17 Jennifer was accepted into the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia . She studied with Szymon Goldberg for 6 years, graduating with a Bachelor of Music Degree. She then went to the Julliard School in New York to study with Robert Mann, founding member of the Julliard Quartet. After earning her Master’s Degree in Music, she joined the internationally renowned Lark Quartet and toured the world giving concerts for 8 years, from 1993 to 2001, earning praise from critics and audiences alike. The Lark Quartet made several recordings on the Arabesque label to great critical acclaim. They commissioned and performed a work by Aaron J. Kernis, which won the Pulitzer Prize for composition in 1998. Jennifer has participated in many Music Festivals, including the famous Marlboro Festival in Vermont . From the age of 10 to 14 she went to the Interprovincial Music Camp near Orillia . Then she was accepted into the Banff Gifted Youth Program. She also studied at the Johannesen International School of the Arts in Victoria B.C. and the Encore Summer Program near Cleveland . After 8 years with the Lark Quartet, Jennifer won an audition as Assistant Principal of the Second Violin section of the Pittsburgh Symphony. She has toured with the orchestra to South America , Japan , Malaysia and Australia . She has had opportunities to play solo on two occasions with the orchestra, earning standing ovations each time. She has performed with Orchestra London on several occasions starting at the age of 12, when she played “Heijr Katie” at a family pops concert and in school concerts. In later years she performed “A Lark Ascending” and “Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso”. She continues to enjoy chamber music and now plays with the Pittsburgh Piano Trio. In December 2002 she participated in a classical music festival in Bombay , India . She continues to be in the Pittsburg Symphony.

Best Female Vocal Solo - Untrained Voice
Wayne Perkin is honouring the memory of his wife Denys. She enjoyed singing from a very early age and had entered this class as a young girl. Although she received no formal musical training, she enjoyed vocal music throughout her life. Mr. Perkin has donated a $75 award and plaque for each winner of the untrained Female voice classes. This Trophy is awarded to the overall winner of entrants in this class.

(Lansing McDowell Memorial)
Best Pipe Organ Soloist in the

Best String Duo in the Festival
Scott and Lara St. John were always grateful to the Kiwanis Music Festival of London for the many years of support, experience, and encouragement in establishing their early careers. When they moved to Philadelphia to study at the Curtis Institute of Music, they suggested leaving a "trophy" to express their thanks and to encourage other young string players to reach for excellence, especially in duet playing.

Elementary School Choirs Grade 8 & under - 3 or 4 part
Brian and Carol Strachan graduated in music education from the University of Western Ontario . They taught music for over 30 years in the London public school system. During this period of time, both were involved in all music disciplines but took an avid interest in the development of the changing voice and students in upper middle elementary school. Both were conductors of the London All City Choir and the U.W.O.Choir. Brian often wrote arrangements to appeal to the age group and Carol worked to program and teach materials that invited participation. They encouraged children from kindergarten to university, to be involved in music for character development as well as the aesthetic aspects of the art. They offer this trophy to encourage students to develop their skills and know the happiness of sharing them with others. This trophy presented in Festival Year 2004.

Elementary School Participation Award, Cash Awards from the Festival
Mr. William Telfer was a well known and respected music teacher with the London Board of Education from 1960 to 1980. His influence was felt in church and youth choirs he conducted in London , Middlesex County , and at Vanner Church near Ilderton. He also was an elementary school teacher, and later a music consultant with the London Board of Education.  

Best Choir in the Festival
One of Canada 's foremost choral conductors of the 20th century, Earle Terry was born in Toronto in 1912. He became music director for the London , Ontario , Board of Education in 1947. Shortly after arriving in this city, Mr. Terry formed the Earle Terry Singers (1948), a female choir which broadcast regularly on CBC Radio, and in 1953 represented Canada at the first ISME (International Society of Music Educators) in Brussels . Terry was the founder and conductor of the Conservatory choir, forerunner of today's London Fanshawe Symphonic Chorus. He was truly an outstanding gentleman and musician.